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Looking for the perfect gift? Your friends, family and clients will enjoy shopping at over 300 stores with the Bramalea City Centre Gift Card.

Bramalea City Centre Gift Cards are available at Guest Services, located on the lower level by the elevator. For more information contact Guest Services 905.793.9417.

For Card Balance info call 1.800.755.8608 or visit

If your business is interested in utilizing our Gift Cards for staff incentives, please call Guest Services at 905.793.9417 for more information.

Gift Cards

BCC Gift Card FAQ's

  • How do I use my BCC Gift Card?

    Your BCC Gift Card is a form of payment for purchases in the Centre. It is presented to participating merchants/stores at BCC. You simply present your card at the time of purchase, and the appropriate funds are deducted from your card which will complete your purchase.

  • Where can I use my BCC Gift Card?

    The majority of BCC retailers, in and around the property, accept the BCC Gift Card, including all restaurants, department stores, and the Metro grocery store. Major exceptions include Shoppers Drug Mart, select food court vendors, and select kiosks. There is a full list of stores that do not accept the card included in the Gift Card envelope.

  • How can I check the balance on my gift card?

    You can visit BCC Guest Services to find out your card balance. You can also check yourself by simply calling the 'Card Balance' number located on the back of your BCC Gift Card or visit

  • What if my purchase amount is more than the available balance on my Gift Card?

    This is not a problem for most retailers. They will simply deduct the full amount you have on your BCC Gift Card, and you may complete the remaining balance with an alternative form of payment.

  • How do I return something purchased with my Gift Card?

    Retailers will need your BCC Gift Card in order to complete a return/refund. Please note that the Gift Card works as a credit card; therefore, the return will not show up on your card for 2-5 business days, after which, the full return amount will be placed back on your card.